Sarah Green

Ever since I can remember I have always empowered others to achieve their dreams. It took me to my middle age to do the same for myself and begin my journey to build my life for me. I love to learn and spend time daily finding out about all sorts of things, from useful practical skills to satisying a frivolous curiousity, its all fun for me. We all have a unique journey in this world, lets share part of that time together.

I am a fully qualified Counsellor who is Registered.

I have been helping people for several years and find my work extremely rewarding. I have worked with people on various issues such as Stress, Anxiety, Weight loss, Relationship issues, Pain management, Confidence Building, Phobias and much more. Many people who get in touch, have an issue that is causing them some upset. So by working together we prioritise and work through the issue until the desired outcome is reached. 

I find that often a variety of techniques or therapies can help and I talk this through, with you during the Free consultation.